Marina Bayside, Taren Point

Cavi Property Group began re-developing Marina Bayside in 2013. With a land size of 10,000m2, the project includes a marine precinct (including dry stack storage), a Yamaha dealership along with a café, bar and restaurant. Construction on this project will commence in 2022 and the estimated value at completion is estimated at over $15m.

Marina Bayside, Taren Point

The construction of a dry-stack storage building, boat building area and workshop, car parking, fencing, landscaping and site works to the existing working marina development.

Marina Bayside, 1-13 Mangrove Lane, Taren Point NSW 2229

Facilities and services

Current facilities include a 70 tonne Travelift, Open Air Hardstands, Under cover Workshops, Under cover Paint Shop and Shipwright Services. As part of the Master Plan all of these facilities will be upgraded or replaced and exciting new features including a 200 boat rack storage facility..